Free Tarot Card Readings – Did they really help you?

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There are a number of ways that a tarot reader may ask a question of the tarot cards. The easiest situation arises when the query is a yes or no question. Then, the tarot reader may perform an easy one or three-card throw. The easiest way to ask the tarot cards a yes or no question is to throw one tarot card, and when it lands upright, the answer is yes, even if it lands flipped, the solution is no. However, a bit more effort needs to be expended to ensure a more accurate and useful answer. There is somewhat more to doing even a simple tarot card reading, as we will see below.

Tarot Card Reading

First of all, the one-card method works differently if you use Rectangular cards that could only land upright or reversed. On the other hand, this tarot reading will offer you a simple yes or no response. However, because most situations are not 100% likely to happen, this style simplifies how precise the tarot cards can be and how much info the tarot cards may provide for your reader. As use circular cards, a one-card throw gives me 360 degrees of freedom from yes to uncertain to no.

If all three cards are vertical, or mostly vertical, and all cards are favourable, the solution is yes. If two cards property upright, your response is it is probable, and the Tarot Card Reading should also look in that tarot cards landed in which direction along with the quitrent ought to be wary to keep in the positive to guarantee the desired outcome. If no tarot cards land vertical, the solution is not likely, or no. The response is not likely if all cards land reversed, or cards are negative-energy cards.

Ordinarily, a tarot card reader will discover that she seldom places three vertical, positive-energy cards. This makes sense because few scenarios are absolutely certain to occur. Usually when one seeks advice from the tarot cards, the situation is uncertain or complex and, will need a question to which cards property in response to this question, in addition to whether or not the cards land upright or reversed.

Keep in mind, a tarot card reader will receive the most accurate and useful information in the tarot when the Question asked of this tarot is extremely clear and focused. Now you have a simple, one or three-card design you can use to get advice in the tarot cards with a yes or no question. If the question cannot be answered by a yes or a no, the most popular tarot card design probably is the cross, also called the Celtic cross. The cross design will be discussed in my next article. Check back soon for another lesson into reading tarot cards.